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Learn to Vlog with Confidence

and gain more followers and clients on Instagram

#Longstoryshort: the course with over 3.800 participants

Now is The Time

All around you, other entrepreneurs and coaches are promoting themselves and their businesses on social media. They use Instagram Stories to attract clients and followers.

It seems effortless as they talk on camera.


The power of video has become apparent. Think about the numerous times a day YOU watch videos. Video skills are not a luxury, but a fundamental sales strategy.


But so far, you haven't used it to its full potential. 


Maybe you’re not sure what to post and how to make your stories interesting. Your viewers often swipe past your stories, therefore your follower base doesn’t grow and you barely get any DM's or engagement.


Maybe you haven’t started because talking on camera freaks you out. You feel stiff and ‘different’ when you turn your camera on and attempt to make a story. You freeze up, thinking about all the people who will see that video and judge you. It feels unsafe and scary.

What’s interesting? You may not even be sure what to film or say on camera.  How can you prevent people from swiping to the next story? Or stop them from unfollowing you?  

Is This You?

You're afraid you won't be interesting enough. Why would anyone want to listen to you?

You feel mentally blocked and stiff while trying to vlog. You're not sure what to say or show on camera.

You're afraid people will find you narcissistic and shallow. "Look at her trying to be an influencer." 

You feel like you don't fit the beauty expectations that are needed in order to vlog. "I'm too old or not pretty enough."

You know how to vlog, but you don't have a strategy or idea behind it. 

What If This Was Your Reality:


You unlock your phone and film a quick story on Instagram. You want to let your followers know what’s going on. They feel like they know you - almost like an online friendship.


You understand what kind of content is most interesting to them. You know how to deliver the message and use storytelling skills to transform followers into paying clients. Your follower numbers grow and you notice, as an entrepreneur, a rise in revenue. People love buying from you because they trust you and follow your content. And above all: you LOVE creating stories. 

“We dive into the art of creating attention-grabbing stories on Instagram.”

I’ll be open and transparent about how I produce ideas to vlog, my storytelling tricks, how to stay authentic on camera, and how I use that to promote my courses and business. 

  • Uplevel your story skills and convert your followers into fans and clients.
  • Your followers will grow, and you get more viewers on stories because people refer friends to you. "She’s interesting to follow!”
  • Your fear and doubt about talking on camera will be non-existent. 
  • Your online visibility will skyrocket which can earn you expert status and media appearances.
  • People buy your products and services because they feel they ‘know’ you. You feel safe and trustworthy to them.

From Fear to 35.000 Followers

I wasn't the 'type' of person to vlog. I was too shy and miles away from the confident people I admired online. My close friends and family agreed, "Vlogging is not for you, please don't turn into a wanna-be-influencer". So the first time I pulled out my camera and vlogged, I had 60 followers, and I felt insecure as hell. 

Fast forward 3 years later, and I’ve got 35.000 followers and I'm known for my stories on Instagram. My secret? I applied storytelling techniques and tricks from journalism. I can predict with accuracy what kind of story 'works' and what story doesn’t.

Only one percent of my followers swipe my stories away, while everyone else keeps watching. Globally the statistics show that only 10% of the followers watch stories. To contrast, my statistics are exponentially higher at 50%. 

I have grown my business and earned over 1 million dollars with my courses because of the unique way I integrate sales with storytelling. And thanks to my online visibility, I have a large media presence and I am a public speaker.

This all would not have happened if I had not picked up that camera 3 years ago. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, taught myself video skills, and strategies for stories. And in this course, I will pass all my knowledge and experience on to you. 


The Course #LongStoryShort

This is the popular course about vlogging on Instagram Stories. You'll learn how to improve your vlogs to gain engaged followers and get more clients and revenue. Learn how to use storytelling skills on video and be more authentic and sparkling on camera. Starts: November 2nd

What's Special About this Course

I provide you with mindset frameworking tools, confidence, and empowerment about vlogging

The biggest hurdle is often the 'fear of judgment.' This course goes deeper than other courses about social media, and together with you, I dive into this uneasy subject. So it's not just tricks and tips about techniques. There is a lot of attention towards mindset, and the course will boost your confidence to talk on camera. 

A lot of value for a low price & a big community

My courses are extremely popular with hundreds of participants joining together. That gives me the opportunity to give extremely valuable information for a low price. Together with other students, you'll be in a temporary community where you will grow and stimulate each other. 

I do not give information you can find for free online

I focus on a lot of advanced tips. I'm not going to waste your time and money on explaining how to set up an Instagram account or explain how to do the bare basics. You can grab that information for free online, and that's not the hardest part about vlogging. I aim for the deeper, real tips. (Beginners without Instagram can still participate, because in the community we'll help each other!) 

The course asks only 4 hours of your time

You follow the course on Instagram. It's a unique concept, that works really well for this course. You have 6 modules, an e-book, challenges, Q&A's and over 600 stories. It's quick and easy to follow. The course is accessible for one month only, so you can review everything until December 2nd.

At the end of the course you will have

Enhanced Your Stories

You understand the secret of storytelling on stories, your content improves and with that your followers & engagement grow. 

Follower & Revenue Growth

You understand how 'social selling' works, therefore the interest in your product grows and you sell more. 

Fun Vlogging

You are no longer full of doubt about if 'I am interesting enough' because you have the confidence that your voice is wanted and needed in this world.

The Course Modules

Module 1: Blockages, Fears, and Choosing the Right Account

This module is about your biggest fears and objections around vlogging. I'll give you my own strategies and mindset hacks to overcome your fears and start showing the world who you are. We're also going to dive into the questions most entrepreneurs struggle with: Do you need a separate business account on Instagram, or use your personal account and brand? Also, can you be too frank on Instagram and harm your business?

  • You know how to overcome your fear if others criticize and judge you.
  • You understand how to intertwine your business and private life in your stories.
  • You know what account to use for what kind of message you want to send.

Module 2: Decide Who you are Vlogging for

At the end of this module, you're no longer convinced that you have nothing to bring or that you are not interesting enough. You know the 3 ways to add value to your stories and understand the strategic differences while making stories. 

  • You learned the 3 ways to add value to your stories.
  • You're able to tell a core message in 15 seconds so it fits the story.
  • You're able to predict exactly what a story ignites in your viewers.

Module 3: You learn how to Make Vlogs that are Addictive to Watch

In this module, we'll dive into the planning phase. We need to prevent the pressure you may feel to be present on your phone 24/7. How do you plan out a storyline? I teach how to stop viewers from getting bored with your stories.

  • Highlight 11 important moments that make a viewer want to skip your stories.
  • How to prevent yourself from sounding boring.
  • Techniques on how to hold your phone and where to look in the camera.
  • 3 most common mistakes made during vlogging.

Module 4: Finding your own Style in Stories

In this module it's all about finding your own voice on camera and in the style you create your stories. Your choice of subjects are the reason why people follow you. How can you incorporate themes that are important to you without making it dull? And we'll discuss the golden rule of rhythm and why that's so important.

  • How the 5 W's of journalism play a big part.
  • What is the impact on viewers when you complain or are perceived as being bored on camera. 
  • Why rhythm is so important.
  • The big misconception about authenticity (it's not correlated to 'showing everything')

Module 5: Storytelling and the Hollywood Rules

The biggest power and impact lies in the ability to tell a story on video. In this module, we gather all the tips from the course and add storytelling elements.

  • How Hollywood is going to make you a better vlogger.
  • Why you should first consider what your story is.
  • What video shots you'll need for a good series of vlogs.
  • 11 story techniques to apply.

Extra: Live Q&A with Celine 

This is the Q&A that completes the course. You get time to ask your questions and go deeper into the material. 

This is What You Can Expect From a Course on Instagram

Added bonuses

  • Sales content: how to sell my product on Instagram without being too pushy.
  • How to make reels on Instagram, the new TikTok look-a-like.
  • A list with 101 ideas to Vlog.

More than 3.858 people have completed the course

This is All Included

600 stories & IGTV's

The course exists of 600 stories, 4 IGTV's and a live session. So that equals 4 hours of content.  


    Your e-book contains all the exercises and a short summary of the modules.

    101 story ideas

    Out of ideas? If the course doesn't give you enough inspiration, this list will. 

    Live Q&A

    You've got 1,5 hours of time to ask any questions about stories to Celine.

    Private instagram account

    It's hosted on a private Instagram account with all the modules and your fellow students.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    We've never encountered a participant from the 3.850 that wasn't satisfied. If you are not fully satisfied, we are happy to announce a full refund within 14 days.

    Get to know Celine Woods in 90 seconds

    Entrepreneur Celine Charlotte Woods helped over 12.000 entrepreneurs listen to their intuition, make more revenue, and lift their business and confidence to the next level. 

    She does that with her online courses (she's the original creator of the concept of a course ON Instagram), as a columnist for business newspaper FD and by public speaking. She's also won prices as an entrepreneur and appears often in the media. She gathered 35.000 followers within 3 years. 

    Is This Course for You?

    YES: If you love making stories on Instagram, but you fail to grab viewers attention and people swipe away.

    We’re going to train your ability to make addictive, attention-grabbing stories that will turn your viewers into fans.

    YES: If you’ve never dared to make a Vlog but have a desire to.

    About 50% of the participants never talked on camera before, and they used this course to push themselves forward. 

    YES: For both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs.

    Although most people are entrepreneurs, it’s not important to be an entrepreneur for this course. Around 20% of the course is focused on sales and marketing as a business owner. Most tips are focused on how to develop your story skills.

    Yes: If you are already familiar with Instagram.

    This course is specifically meant for people who have already discovered the fun and pleasure of Instagram, but want to deepen their skills. Influencers, content creators, and online marketers are among the participants because they want to take their content to the next level.

    When We Start


    starts at 10.00 CEST




    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m completely new on Instagram. Is this course for me?

    For 40% of the participants it’s their first time using Instagram or stories. So it’s a great way to really get to know the medium and possibilities. You can also engage with other participants to help answer all your questions in the community.

    However, it’s not a basic course for starters about the introduction to Instagram. Questions like ‘How do I post a picture?’ or ‘What’s a story?’ are not addressed in this course. I don’t want to let you pay for information that you can find for free online.

    The course will address more advanced questions like: WHAT do I post? How can I promote my business on Instagram? What grabs attention when I post stories?

    I’m already pretty active on Instagram. Is this course a good fit?

    Absolutely! Even influencers or people who’ve made stories on Instagram for years are participating, because this course teaches you how to lift your stories to the next level. Around 60% of the participants feel comfortable with stories, but just want to deepen their skills and learn how to improve their stories, for more engagement, more followers and more paying clients from Instagram.
    So, if you notice that a lot of people swipe away, or you wish to have more viewers on your stories, this is the course for you.

    What is the time investment?

    The main course of viewing all the modules & the live Q&A is a 4-hour time commitment. However, you can invest more time in all the exercises and participating in the community - it all depends on your own time commitments.

    How long do I have access to the course material?

    You have access to the course for 1 month, starting November 2nd till December 2nd, after that, the account is closed again and you would lose access. It’s a neat little way to make sure you are engaging with the course! The e-book and exercises are all downloadable during this month, so you have these resources to support you.

    I’m an entrepreneur. Can I deduct the costs of this course as business costs or tax write-offs?

    Yes you can. When you sign up you’ll get an email with the invoice attached to it. A course like this is in most countries tax deductible because it helps your business grow, gives you more revenue, online presence and it’s a marketing tool. It is dependent on your country if you can request TAX or VAT back. For most countries, at the final step of checkout, the computer system automatically deducts the Dutch TAX or VAT to 0% when you fill in the tax number of your business.

    I live abroad. Do I need to pay Dutch VAT?

    If you’re not a business, you will always pay the price with the TAX or VAT included.
    If you are a business owner with a legal VAT or TAX number, be sure to fill that in at the final step of checkout. The computer system automatically deducts the Dutch VAT or TAX to 0% when you fill in the tax number of your business.

    I’m not an entrepreneur. Is this course right for me?

    Yes it is! Although most of the participants have their own business and use this course to attract more clients and revenue by using Instagram, around 20% of the participants do not own a business. They use the course to get more visibility and become well known in a particular field as an expert. So they enhance their personal brand, use their Instagram account for activism, their passions, or as a platform.

    That being said, I specifically address entrepreneurs in a few instances. For example: When I talk about sales on stories, or how to mix your business promotion with private stories and how to find a balance in that. If this doesn’t apply to you, you can just skip those parts.

    I’ve done the (Dutch) course before. Can I have a discount when I want to participate again?

    No, this time there is unfortunately not a discount code for those who wish to participate a second time.

    Can I apply the course lessons on LinkedIn stories?

    Yes, the two go hand-in-hand. So whatever you learn for your stories on Instagram, you can apply to Linkedin. There are a few differences, and in the course I’ll explain what does and doesn’t work when transitioning between platforms.


    50% of my followers watch my stories every day and 99% of them never swipe away. 

    Summarizing the course

    You're going to learn how to make insanely addictive stories on Instagram. That way you're going to attract clients to you, increase your sales, and gain more followers. 

    • What are the do's and dont's so people stay invested in your stories.
    • How to talk into the camera with fun and ease.
    • How to sell yourself or your business on Instagram with story sales.
    • The video skills you need to have in order to go next level.
    • Storytelling on video and the 11 Hollywood secrets.
    • How to stay authentic and be yourself on camera and gain more followers.
    • 101 story ideas you can immediately use.
    The investment will be earned back in no-time 

    Course: #LongStoryShort

    This is the popular course about vlogging on Instagram Stories. You'll learn how to improve your vlogs to gain engaged followers and in response more clients and revenue. Learn how to use storytelling skills on video and be more authentic and sparkling on camera.